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Worldwide Aluminium and Glass is a private owned and managed entity specialised in manufacturing, distribution and installations of Aluminium doors, Sliding doors, Shop fronts,fold away doors ,Burglar bars, Gates and Gate automations, Garage doors,Roller Shutters, Balustrades, Shower doors, Balcony enclosures, Floor Spring Doors, Xpanda Trelli doors, Pivot Doors and Louvers.

Our production has passed an incorrigible systematic testing with superior quality castings and extrusions.

All aluminium materials we use for production are powder coated to survive the disparate weather conditions.

Worldwide Aluminium and Glass products and services are designed and installed by competent and highly experienced technicians.
We commit ourselves to the highest quality of work.

Our manufacturing and production team consists of over 25 years combined experience in aluminium windows making and installations.

We know the value of your money; thus our quality is always assured.


Worldwide Aluminium and Glass is dedicated to supply quality and affordable aluminium windows, aluminium doors and other related services to the public.We endeavor to exceed customer expectations while establishing a legitimate, durable and exceptional customer experience.


To become number one stop shop in the Aluminium windows and doors fabricating industry in Namibia, while penetrating and create a position in the international markets.

Worldwide Aluminium and Glass Team ad owner photo


    All individuals on the flagship working together for a common objective.
    Able to put yourself in another person’s shoes, despite contrasting opinions, values, or lifestyles and accepting that each person is unique.
    The inherent expected honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s action at all times.
    To deliver and exceed what we promise.
    We remain true to our founding values of providing quality, honest and hard work, instilled right from the outset by our founder, Mr. Fillipus Shitumbapo. We endeavour to adhere to the highest ethical standards in the construction industry. Hence our acceptance by the construction industry
    We recognize that our primary asset is our people, and that a truly successful company needs to be a rewarding work environment for its staff. Our organization is structured and managed to provide ample opportunity and encouragement for our team to reach their optimum potential. We believe that mutual respect forms the base of our success.
    We want to bring to the world the variety quality of aluminium windows, aluminium doors, metal work services and plant and tool hire services that anticipate people's needs and desires
    We strive to create long-term value for our customers by providing customer satisfaction and quality they really deserve to ensure continuity and retention.
    We want to be the fastest growing entity ever in Namibia
    We complement government's efforts to provide affordable and secure housing through its mass housing projects to all Namibians; we will work in line with Vision 2030, the NDP4/5 goals and Harambee Prosperity Plans. We do not ask what our country/government can do for us, but rather what we can do for our country.
    Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of business in our industry. At all times, we strive for solutions that best achieve our client's needs and goals. Our staff's ability and commitment to finding these solutions is what distinguishes us from our competitors. We provide consistent professional and individual attention to all our clients.
    Safety is a responsibility of every employee. At Worldwide Aluminium and Glass cc, we understand that accidents are prevented through cautious planning, appropriate training, and cooperative efforts in all areas of our operations. All our work is performed in the safest possible manner. Effective preventative measures are therefore always identified and implemented at all our work sites by being consistently associated with integrity, high standards and quality of service and personal attention to clients.
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